New Works:  Ajuma: A Journey U Make Alone

Katori Walker performing as her mother.

AJUMA, written and performed by Katori Walker, captures the seminal moments of the lives of a family of women.  From a fiery great-grandmother to an unborn child, AJUMA takes the audience on a journey that explores the sensations and emotions of escape, abuse, love and legacy. Ajuma's debut in 2019 showed us the play's strengths, including the transformational work by Katori Walker in her four roles. Post-production discussion included what needed to be worked on. Katori has recently completed a rewrite. Studio Theater in Exile looks forward to taking Ajuma to its next step and future productions.

But for now, stay safe. We may all make this journey alone, but it is good to be able to come together.

Studio Theater In Exile
Our mission is to work with playwrights from inception to production to bring their voices to the fore. We also work with visual artists, storytellers, musicians, poets and writers to integrate theater/performance with other genres. Our goal is to create dialogue - with audiences, between creators, and bring forth the lesser known artists in our community.