A Collaboration between Studio Theater in Exile and Hudson Valley MOCA

September Artists:
September 12: Jared Hunter, Gerry Mac, Joshua Dirlam, Zoe Milboer, Susan Sinek
September 19: Andrew Cirincione, Bruce Apar, Loretta Oleck, Ellen O'Neill
September 26: Mara Mills & Nellie O'brien, Rochelle Spooner, Ed Friedman, Ocean Morisset,
Satyaki Dutta, Westchester Academy of Dance


We are back from our short hiatus. So, in case you forgot or are new: Climbing the Walls is a collaborative project between Studio Theater in Exile and Hudson Valley MOCA that asked for artists across genres to contribute, visual art, music, monologues, and poetry, that explore the ways we are experiencing life now and how we imagine the future. Climbing the Walls was conceived from a desire to create in a time of disorientation and disconnection. We conceived of the project as a way to connect and explore a shift in the moment, ultimately looking both at CO-VID19 and the protests.  As more and more people decided to participate, across all genres, we realized how lucky we were to be in an artistic community that came together to communicate. NB, for participants in Climbing the Walls, Ossining Library will be linking to us starting in October/November and onward. If you are or were an Ossining denizen, let us know, so we can acknowledge you.
And... Donna Faranda is showing virtually in the following exhibits:
LOSS on-site, online Group exhibition at Woman Made Gallery, Chicago September 4th through 27th.
WOMEN: Group art exhibit at the Queen City 15 Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY September 4th through 26th.
We're All Human: on-site, online Group at the Creative Arts center, Kingston, NY, September 9th through November 31st.

Mara and Jeremy
Climbing the Walls • Curated by Mara Mills • Additional Video/Audio Mastering: Jeremy Gratt
Studio Theater in Exile

“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage