Call to all Artists!!!

Hudson Valley MOCA Third Juried Exhibition


"Are you from Pumbedita, where they push an elephant through the eye of a needle?"

Rav Sheishet of Nehardea (Babylonian Talmud: An aphorismfor convoluted reasoning)

Gabriel Daw: Installation, Hudson Valley MOCA: Exhibition First Look III, 2011

Sewing, weaving, braiding, knotting…: 
The enormity and disparateness of culture integrated into the warp and woof of the artist

Are you an artist using stitchery, macramé, and weaving, integrating shards of pottery, found objects and recyclables, bottle caps and shells of the beach into your complex tapestries?

Then this is a call to you!!!

Hudson Valley MOCA’s third Juried exhibition

In addressing the use of hand crafting to reflect on cultural diversity, regional craft and environmental issues we look to a history spanning millennia, from the feather collages and paintings of Peru, to the contemporary works of El Anatsui, to the computer detritus integrated by Moffet Takadiwa in his keyboard beading, to the constructs of Leonardo Drew or Liza Lew. Shells embedded into weavings, rubies and gems into medieval tapestry, hair for embroidery, recycled wool for warmth. There is a world to explore, a language to decode.

Application now live on Café!!!

Deadline:  December 9, 2022, midnight


Our mission is to be a leading art center and resource for the Hudson Valley and beyond through the presentation of challenging exhibitions and programs that spark dialogue, enrich lives, and deepen our understanding of contemporary art.

Hudson Valley MOCA opened its doors to the public in March 2004, in Peekskill, New York, a multicultural Hudson River town struggling economically. The goal of HVMOCA was to use the language of art to help build cross-cultural dialogue and invigorate the community by helping to grow it as a Mecca for the arts. Since then, Peekskill has dramatically changed. In 2004 the crime rate in Peekskill was high, shops closed and only 35% of Peekskill students went on to college. Now businesses are bustling, crime is low and 85% of students go on to college, many to ivies and prestigious universities. There is a sense of open dialogue and reverence for diversity.