New Works

A photo of Aliza

Holocaust Syndrome

Aliza Erber's play explores the interweaving of history, identity, and nurture. Inspired by her experience and her family history.

Dark Side of the Moon

Charisse Brown's play explores the effects of generational trauma, colorism, and the keeping of secrets within the black family.

Katori Walker

Ajuma: A Journey U Make Alone

AJUMA, written and performed by Katori Walker, captures the seminal moments in the
lives of a family of four women.

Studio Theater In Exile
Our mission is to work with playwrights from inception to production to bring their voices to the fore. We also work with visual artists, storytellers, musicians, poets and writers to integrate theater/performance with other genres. Our goal is to create dialogue - with audiences, between creators, and bring forth the lesser known artists in our community.