Eternal, Lorraine Currelley 2020

Do White Mothers Cry?
(Dedicated to the Black mothers of murdered sons and daughters for breathing in charcoal skin)

Do white mothers cry?
Do white mothers rejoice and panic at the birth of sons?
Do white mothers fear son deaths?
Do white mothers pray with and for sons and male loved ones
before sending them out into the world?
Do white mothers give instructions to sons for navigating a society which hates and fears them?
Do white mothers teach sons how to avoid and stay alive in the presence of snarling police officers, human hunting vigilantes and other historical known threats?
Do white mothers see police officers as their heroes and protectors while those with charcoal skin see terrorists?
Do white mothers teach sons how to become invisible
when walking, jogging, driving, laughing, and breathing?
Do white mothers spend their waking hours worrying if their sons and male loved ones will return home safely? Hearts pounding at every knock at the door or ring of the doorbell.
Do white mothers tears stain heart and pillow?
Do white mothers screams grieve aching wombs?

Do white mothers gardens grow dead sons?
Do white mothers gardens grow dead sons?

This Black woman, sister, aunt, cousin and friend wants to know do white mothers cry?

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