Climbing the Walls - The Days of Plague - Mark and Rachel Berghash

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The Days of Plague
Poems by Rachel Berghash, Photographs by Mark Berghash

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Artists Statements
(Rachel) My poems narrow the gap between something unknown and dark and a dawning of light within me.
(Mark) Creating art is a must for me. I create art for what I value and not for what others value. Good for the soul.

Rachel Berghash

Rachel Berghash,
CSW, was born in Jerusalem.  She has published a memoir, Half the House, My Life In and Out of Jerusalem, Sunstone Press. Her poetry and poetry translations have appeared in numerous literary magazines. In 2009 her poetry was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in poetry. Her book, “Psyche, Soul, and Spirit: Interdisciplinary Essays,” with co-author Katherine Jillson, has been published by WIPF & STOCK, Publishers.

Mark Berghash

Mark Berghash is known for his conceptual portraiture, Jews and Germans, Relationship Portraits, I’s Closed I’s Open to mention a few. In addition to his portrait work, Berghash has done projects that range from street photography, landscapes, Segmented Nudes and Woven Panoramas. Relationship Portrait is presently in an exhibition entitled RELATIVE RELATIONS at the HELLER MUSEUM, Hebrew Union College Museum in NYC.  His photographic works can be found in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Jewish Museum, California Museum of Photography, International Center of Photography, Museum of Modern Art and many others.

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