Climbing the Walls - A Jigsaw Puzzle and No More Bombs - Tony Howorth

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A Jigsaw Puzzle and No More Bombs
by Tony Howorth

Artist Statement: “I know not by what power.”  Much of my poetry focuses on the pleasures and perplexities of growing old.

Tony Howorth, a playwright, poet, director, and teacher, has appeared in Chronogram, Chantrelle’s Notebook, Drown in My Own Fears, Tiger's Eye, The Naugatuck River Review, and Prompt Literary Magazine. He is also a yearly participant in Writing the Walls at HVMOCA.  In addition to the musical Troll-Loll-La!, Tony Howarth has written book and lyrics for two other musicals, Dream, based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Glimmer of a Dream.

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“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage