Climbing the Walls - Distant Relative - Bruce Apar

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Distant Relative
ritten and Performed by Bruce Apar

Bruce Apar

Artist Statement:
Transfixed as we understandably are by the immediate effects of coronavirus on individuals and society at large, we don’t talk much about what lingering effects Covid-19 might impose on our future behavior and that of our descendants. Less a doomsday scenario than a cautionary tale, Distant Relative considers what might transpire in an impromptu conversation that takes place 10+ years from now between a curious grandchild and a grandparent who never stopped taking preventive measures to protect himself and those he loves from those dastardly droplets that, given certain circumstances, are prone to turn deadly.

Bruce Apar is active in journalism, acting, marketing, and community service.

His current activities include serving as Editor and Associate Publisher of monthly publication River Journal North, serving on the AIM (Art Industry Media) committee and the Board of Directors of Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce, and on the boards of Peekskill Art Center, Yorktown Chamber of Commerce, and Axial Theatre. He also sits on the President’s Council of Northern Westchester Hospital.

Bruce’s marketing and freelance writing business APAR /PR produces work for a select list of clients that include custom publishing house Advantage/ForbesBooks, newspaper publisher Halston Media, and AI data enrichment company iMerit.

In his spare time, he enjoys appearing on stage in local theater productions and in independent film and video productions. He is represented by Talent Express.

With wife Elyse and daughter Elissa, he manages the Harrison Apar Field of Dreams Foundation, in memory of his son, who stood three feet tall due to dwarfism, but felt 10 feet tall when he performed on stage.

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