Climbing the Walls - Don't Touch & Unseen Foe - Toni Quest

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Don't Touch and Unseen Foe
poems by Toni Quest

U.S. in US
painting by Toni Quest  

During these days of social distancing and isolation, my inclination has been to poetically document the corona experience, as it is unique to me. I dwell on the irony of our collective experience, and its effect on us as individuals. The words come spontaneously and sporadically, as evidenced by the scattered bits of prose and muse written on post-its and corners of unopened mail. I piece the random stanzas together, and recite them aloud, as if to impress ancestors I’ve never met who lived and died one hundred years ago, and many centuries earlier.

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Brainy Guys  - Poem - Video

Interview about Actualized, a life in progress

Toni Quest refers to herself as an entrepreneurial artist. She is a Law of Attraction practitioner, specializing in the life coaching of artists about the business of their art.  In her recently published memoir, Actualized, a Life in Progress, Quest candidly tells the stories within the story of her life.

Her award-winning piece, 'U.S. in Us' is featured on the cover of the anthology, View from the Middle of the Road, Volume II, U.S. in Us ' (PRA Publishing). A selection of her poetry is featured in the anthology as well.

Currently, Quest hosts a popular podcast, Energy Stoners ™ Café. She interviews noteworthy people from around the world. She can also be seen on Talk with TQ, on local cable and Youtube.

Toni Quest has moderated panel discussions, and delivered speeches on a number of topics, including art, environment, and spirituality. Her speaking venues have ranged from radio and cable TV to Columbia University and historical museums.

As an adjunct professor, Toni Quest has taught psychology, sociology, geriatrics, academic writing and American history. She genuinely enjoys facilitating the active exchange of ideas between learners.

Her latest instructional design explores how the artist, as sole proprietor, can become a successful entrepreneur. The course gives a practical overview of various avenues in which artists can generate streams of revenue. Attitudes about money and prosperity are discussed, as they pertain to the law of attraction.        

Toni Quest has exhibited and curated for galleries in New York City, Westchester County, NY, Georgia and South Carolina. Noteworthy is Art and Jazz, which featured the art  of American veterans.    

Her love of art lead Quest to become a juror for the Mondial Art Academia, located in Montpellier, France. As a permanent juror, Quest views the art of entrants for their annual international art competition.    

Quest began designing jewelry in 2009. She launched the Energy Stoners ™ Jewelry designs and salons in 2014. Energy Stoners ™ features genuine energy stones, including quartz crystal, in an energetic design. Quest holds an MAED/AET in Adult Education and Training, and a BFA in Communication Arts.

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