Climbing the Walls - From my Hospital Bed - Steve Lewis

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From My Hospital Bed by Steve Lewis

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Steve lived through his Co-VID


Steve Lewis has lived on or around Springtown Road in New Paltz, NY, since 1973. He and his wife Patti are married 48 years and have seven children and sixteen grandchildren (who call him Chief--another story, another time). He is a former Mentor at Empire State College, a current member of the Writing Institute faculty at Sarah Lawrence College, Elder of the Nichols Pond Salon & Sanctuary, Literary Ombudsman of 650: Where Writers Read, El Jefe of the Duckdog Writing Retreats on Hatteras Island, NC, and a longtime freelance writer whose publication credits include The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The Washington Post, LA Times, West (LA Times Sunday Magazine), AARP, Ladies Home Journal,, Confrontation, Commonweal and a long, long, long (biblically long) list of parenting magazines. Besides books of poetry, Steve is the author of several novels.

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