CLIMBING THE WALLS: an Invitation to create

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An invitation from Studio Theater in Exile & Hudson Valley MOCA

We are hoping you are well and your family and friends

Are you in quarantine alone, with someone? How are you filling your time? what are the voices in your head saying?  What obsessions have emerged?  Is it hard to get dressed in the morning?  What is comforting you? What terrifies you? how does time feel?

Studio Theater in Exile and Hudson Valley MOCA are putting together a theater/poetry/visual arts project - Climbing the Walls - a collection of scenes, monologues, poetry, and images that explore the ways we are experiencing life right now and how we imagine the future. Our goal is to interweave the submissions to create a collaborative, on-line, devised performance piece.

The work will be shared on the websites of both organizations. There are many ways to collaborate with other people in quarantine. Use your imagination and Zoom, Facetime, or any other method.

For me, I am being constantly reminded of early 1991 when 31 friends died during the AIDS plague. I was afraid to pick up the phone. That year, I quarantined myself, distanced from anyone I loved and was afraid to lose. I worked long hours and avoided connection. It had consequences for the rest of my life and those around me. I wish I had done more documenting then, more acknowledgment of the moment. This project was born of that wish to explore life in a most unusual state and to put it out there.

If you are interested in being part of this project or have questions, please let us know by contacting us here.

Once let us know you are participating, we will tell you where to send your submissions: an audio or video of poetry, original scenes, and monologues, 3-5 minutes in length, or visual images, and up to 4 submissions.DEADLINE: June 1, 2020. Please tell us how you wish to be credited, who authors, performers, artists, technicians are.  And please send a short, 2 sentence statement, and a headshot.

Each individual submission belongs to the creator and if used will be credited in final compilation.  

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Studio Theater in Exile

“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage