Climbing the Walls Juneteenth Guest Curator - Freedom a Failed Promise - Lorraine Currelley

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Image Top: Spirit, Lorraine Currelley, 2020

Curator Artistic Statement

Lorraine Currelley

Climbing The Walls COVID-19 and Juneteenth is an ensemble of poets, actors, photographers, writers, and visual artists invited by Mara Mills co-founder of Studio Theater In Exile. Partcipating and contributing artists explore the juxtaposition between the non-celebratory and celebratory. We explore COVID-19 as pandemic and it’s impact on our personal lives and artistic expresssion.

Juneteenth is a sacred space. Welcoming the ancestral voices and spirits of those long gone. Utilizing visual art, videos, poetry, music, and photographs to give voice to, honor and declare #BlackLivesMatter. Our art and words are historical/herstorical evidence of Juneteenths' unrealized promise of  freedom, justice and equality. In this sacred space we grieve the loss, honor and speak the names of Black men, women and children murdered by police sanctioned violence. Our words and art are powerful, rich and beautifully haunting. Our message and viewpoint uncompromising. Some photos are graphic. It is hoped the viewer will see a physical representation of a failed promise.

Thank you Mara Mills and Studio Theater In Exile for your gracious and welcomed invitation to guest curate .Thank you for embracing my vision for Juneteenth. Thank you Jeremy Gratt for your technical expertise on behalf of Juneteenth. Thank you, Edward D. Currelley for listening and offering encouragement. Thank you beloved ancestors for your voice and direction. I hope you are pleased.

Lorraine Currelley, Guest Curator, Bronx Beat Poet Laureate
Juneteenth, 2020

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