Climbing the Walls - Painting on a Day in May - Diane Cherr

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Paintings on a Day in May
Art Work and Poem by Diane Cherr

Diane Cherr

1. Huckleberry Blues 12 1/2” x 10”
2. Spring Jam 12 1/2” x  10”
3. Perennials 12 1/2” x 10”
4. Huckleberry Day 22 1/2” x 15”

Painting on a Day in May

Insidious orb
Angry as a birthing pain,
Yet calm
Stretching its tendrils,
enveloped in disruption.

Shekinah, my Strength.
I paint dazzling blossoms,
dipping my brush into baths
of the Mikveh and Memories

I paint the flowers, leaves, petals.
Ripeness on handmade paper
New species evolve birthed
By my paintbrush amid veils of color.

Miriam‘s stream, full and flowing
I dip into the water
Paint, brush, antique lace
Become vital growths of color,

Disease obliterated by

The four paintings and poem created for “Climbing the Walls” focus on the use of water as a metaphor for both eradicating and rebirth. The watercolors on paper are devoted to creating veils of color, through direct application with a brush, through object printing and with pochoir. In some instances, I have removed layers of color with brushes, paper towel and water to create richness and density of tone and value. The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz was killed by being doused with and melted by water, and we can only hope for such a cure for Covid19. The Mikveh is a ritual bath in Judaism, used to achieve ritual purity, or oftentimes as a symbol for renewal. My paintings and my poem “Painting on a Day in May” are images of hope and renewal in this time of chaos and destruction.

Diane Cherr is a visual artist from New York. She predominantly works on paper in a variety of media including watercolor, acrylics, collage and printmaking. Most recently, she has renewed her passion for printmaking. Diane has a BA in Studio Art from Wheaton College, MA. and a Masters in Art and Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Color, design and narrative define Diane’s art. Storytelling and symbols create her personal worlds. Recently, Diane wasinvited to be part of Faith Ringgold's Ancestors Quilt Project, creating her personal ancestry quilt. Diane is inspired by nature and texture. She explores uniqueviews of women’s empowerment, interpretations of stories, legends and Judaic traditions. She often juxtaposes the serious with a sense of whimsy or the unexpected. Her work has been shown in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Carolina and Massachusetts, as well as international collections in Japan, Great Britain, Israel and Hungary.

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