Climbing the Walls - Paranovid - Thomasine Felicioni Graf

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PARANOVID by Thomasine Felicioni Graf


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I wanted to document the very intimate thoughts I was having, altough initially I was not ready to share them with anyone.  I felt my feelings and physical symptoms made me very self-absorbed. But, after much thought, I knew were wrong. I am not alone with my thoughts and fears or stress.

Stress can cause physical symptoms that are confusing and disturbing.  It is important to know what is stress and what is real. And give permission to ourselves to feel and share.

Thomasine Felicioni Graf is a playwright and actress living in Western New York.  She has acted in numerous roles in community theater productions and has had her work produced at Jamestown Community College directed by Mara Mills and the 2016 Spring Midtown International Theater Festival, directed by Paul Navara.

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“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage