Climbing the Walls - Perchance to Dream - Ellen O'Neill

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Perchance to Dream
Written and performed by Ellen O'Neill

Ellen O'Neill

Artist Statement:
In this one woman piece, I am talking to anyone who will listen, but particularly to God...She speaks of a few mind boggling events that have had a life changing effect on her...Covid 19, seems the most unusual and scary of those mentioned. She muses and questions. She worries and tries to find hope amidst great uncertainty.

Journals, lists, snippets, letters, plays and monologues

WHY DO I WRITE?I write to ease pain, worry, fear. I write looking for answers. I write as a form of prayer. I write when inspired by what I read, see or hear which forces my mind and hand to bubble and leak. As an actress, I write because at 82 acting parts come few and far between...So I write my own material and attempt to perform it. Other times my motive might be to cause change, get my way, win a prize, or to recognize/praise someone. And at other times I write to be noticed or remembered.

I write because when I do, I always unearth a bit of heaven.

Lately I have been writing of the effects of coronavirus, but aging, longing for love, the pain of alienation and the meaning of food and cooking in my life are always themes in my writing.

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“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage