Climbing the Walls - Roses - Sarah Mills

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Inspiration and video credit by Sarah Mills

Photocredit: Rosa Squillacote

Sarah Mills and Rosa Squillacote

Artist Statement and Bio

Sarah Mills is the nonbinary parent of two toddlers in the South Bronx, working in online legal education. Rosa Squillacote is a CUNY adjunct active in her union (the PSC) and also focused on police reform who helps organize a weekly neighborhood family friendly protest against the NYPD's 40th precinct. They are members of NYC DSA and legal observers with the National Lawyers Guild. Sarah and Rosa are navigating the question of how to remain politically active under COVID-19, and how to raise racially and politically conscious and empathetic kids, while keeping them from climbing the walls.

Historic Note: Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses by James FitzGerald was written in 1665 about the " the Great Plague, an outbreak of pneumonic plague in London" ...

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