Climbing the Walls - Soapy Bubbles - Liz Burk

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Soapy Bubbles
written and performed by Liz Burk

Artist’s Statement:  
Much of my work describes the transition from living in New York to living in the heart of Cajun country, where life, before the pandemic , revolved around playing music, dancing, pot luck parties and food. Now, not so much, except for the food part. My work is largely narrative--I’m basically a story-teller-- but I also try to touch  on issues relevant to others, and to the times– social justice, inequality, feminism, pandemics, and the virus of racism that’s arising from the swamps and infecting the nation. I heard a Nigerian proverb the other day.  I’m paraphrasing it here, as it seems appropriate for what’s going on now across the country:"The child who is not embraced by the village, will burn it down to feel the warmth of the flames."

Liz Burk

Elizabeth Burk is a psychologist who divides her time between New York and southwest Louisiana, where she is currently “sheltering in place.” She is the author of three collections: Learning to Love Louisiana, Louisiana Purchase and Duet—Photographer and Poet, a collaboration with her photographer husband. Her work has appeared in Atlanta Review, Rattle, Calyx, The Southern Poetry Anthology, Spillway, Naugatuck River Review, Nelle, Louisiana Literature, Passager, Gyroscope and elsewhere.

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