Climbing the Walls - The Blue Pot - Judith Heineman

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The Blue Pot
written and performed by Judith Heineman

Artist Statement:

The Blue Pot reflects the profound effect the Corona virus has had on the end of my husband’s 50 year career, depriving him and his dedicated co-workers of not having closure on a milestone occasion. Not dissimilar from what young people are experiencing by virtual graduations. On the other end - is end of careers without the significant ritual markers. It is not about the isolation of death of a loved one, which has had an unexpectedly more profound impact than imagined. And unexpected humor.


Judith Heineman is an award winning international Storyteller for over 30 years and a Chicago Moth winner. Her interactive stories have delighted audiences in Japan, China ,Ireland and England as well as across the U.S. She in a National Storytelling Network Oracle Award winner for Service and Leadership in the Midwest region where she produced many concerts and festivals.

Her two CDs, Grimm’s Grimmest: The Darker Side of Fairytales with Renaissance lute accompaniment  and The Magic Carpet: Songs and Stories from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt won a Parents’ Choice Gold and Silver respectively, a Storytelling World Honors and Parenting Press awards. She adapted a Chinese legend that appears in the anthology, Old China Through the Eyes of a Storyteller created as a result of participating in a Storytelling Delegation to China. She is the recipient of a 2020 ArtsWestcher Artist grant to develop and perform her original one-woman show called, Feats of Courage, directed by Mara Mills.

She gives workshops and performs frequently at regional and national Storytelling conferences, libraries, cultural institutions and festival including the Hans Christian Andersen programs usually held in person in Central Park, now on line

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