Climbing the walls - The Plea - Edward D Currelley

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Written and performed by EDWARD D. CURRELLEY



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Artist Statement

Artist statement is simple, a request of all fellow artist to create and spread as much love with the gifts we have been given during these terrible and fearful times of unrest.


Edward D. Currelley, author and artist, is widely anthologized. Publications include but are not limited to 2018 HVCCA (MOCA) anthology,” Between I & Thou”, 2019 Hudson Valley MOCA anthology “Death is Irrelevant”; Mom Egg Review;Dove Tales International Journal of the Arts “Empathy in Art, Embracing the Other” 2018 published by Writing for Peace & Colgate University Research Council. Dove Tales Online anthology “One World; One People”2019 published by Writing for Peace. Sling Magazine, and Metaphor Magazine #5. He is also a contributor to the online publication The Peace Correspondent. His poem “I America” appears in Split This Rock, as part of their Poems of Resistance, Power & Resilience. He is also a Push Cart Prize Nominee and has authored two children’s books. He holds a seat on the board of directors for Poets Network & Exchange, Inc. and The Bronx Book Fair. He is listed with Poets & Writers as an American poet and author.

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“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage