Climbing the Walls - The Teen Perspective - Zoe Milboer

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The Teen Journal Excerpts
by Zoe Milboer

Zoe Milboer

Week of April 13, 2020
Schools are closed, restaurants are closed for dining, but are doing take out.  Many people are not going to work, but are working from home.  People are hopefully staying six feet apart and wearing masks.My life right now is very different from before.  I try to do Zoom workouts, get fresh air when I can.  I have been baking and cleaning the house! I bleached my hair and then dyed it dark purple!

The store shelves and toilet paper aisles are empty from coronavirus.  I can’t see any of my friends except on the computer or phone.  This is a really weird time.  Next week is break and we can’t really go anywhere.  It will be very weird.

Week of April 27, 2020
The last time I was at the store there were signs for which way you can go down the aisles.  Very few places are still accepting cash, which is very different.  At Dunkin Donuts there is a plexiglass shield in front of the cashier and they have tables to block you from getting closer to the cashier. Curbside pickup is still happening at restaurants.  

I did a 14 mile bike ride over break which was really cool.  There are apparently rules about how many people can be on the bridge at one time.  I didn’t know that when I went on the bridge.  I am hoping to go on a social distancing skateboard ride with Taylor. The Malt Shop in Stowe looks like it is closed because of a flood or something.  Everything is gone out of the shop.  All the booths and spindle chairs are gone.  I used to go there a lot after school when I went to school in Stowe. Went down to the river. It was pretty.I couldn’t believe this guy was in a kayak.  The water must be sooooo cold!

Week of May 4, 2020
Hopefully things are going to start going back to normal on May 15.  I really wonder when social distancing is going to end.  I have stopped listening to the news, but watching Disney plus, Netflix and other things.  I want to watch the new episodes of Riverdale when it comes out.  I learned how to do a transition video on Tik Tok.  Snapchat is still popular and that is what all the kids use right now.  I have been taking a lot of pictures for photography around Hinesburg.  

I saw Taylor last week and were like 9 feet apart which is really socially distanced. I am missing my friends and being at school and having lunch with them.  I wonder what will happen for graduation this year.  Will they have some thing or will it be cancelled?  

Week of May 10, 2020
My friends have told me that my hair is getting longer and I have been practicing lots of different braiding.  I am going to go food shopping today at Shaw’s and wear a mask.  I have seen people not wearing masks and people wearing them. The weather has not gotten warm and it snowed and rained a lot.  There are some flowers starting to pop up.  

I have been practicing walking on my hands and I can walk backwards on my hands now.  I have more energy than before and my sleep schedule has been all messed up. Sometimes I don’t go to sleep until like 4:00 and then I can’t wake up on time.  This whole thing is weird and making everyone do weird things.  

Week of May 17
Yesterday, I went skateboarding all over Hinesburg.  I went to HCS, Lantman’s and then on a hike.  There is a lot to see now that the warm weather is here and I can get out and about.  It was almost hot out yesterday. I still miss seeing everyone and I hope I get to see people soon.  I wish this would all stop and we could stop social distancing.  My sleep schedule is still very messed up and I have been awake at like 3 or 4 am.  

I got a Henna tattoo kit and I put some tattoos on.  Barry was kind of mad because he said my body is a temple.  I didn’t really know what he was talking about.  

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