Climbing the Walls - Zila Kafi - Satyaki Dutta

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Zila Kafi
played by Satyaki Dutta

Satyaki Dutta

Note for Zili Kafi:
The throbbing heart of Indian Music is adorned by the Raag, which seizes a unique mood, flow of thousand feelings. It is evinced by a microtonal scale, referred as Thaat. Raag Zila Kafi, built on Kafi Thaat, is equivalent to Dorian mode in Western Classical Music. It is believed to be one of the oldest Thaats in Indian Classical Music. This Raag is the intermingling of two different Raags; Zila and Kafi, of which the latter is believed to be created in the 15th century AD, and plays a more prominent role. Zila Kafi is said to depict the shades of Spring. We are ending this show with a hope to greet the advent of new beginnings, painted with gleaming colors and shimmering joy that spring brings. With a dream embedded within our eyes, we wish life on this earth awakes again and again. Credited to Adwitiya Bhattacharya.

Satyaki Dutta is a well-trained Sarod player who has been rigorously trained for over 15 years. Sarod is a North Indian Classical Instrument originating from the lute family with its immediate predecessor in the Rabab from Afghanistan. It is a fretless melodic instrument with eight main strings and fifteen additional sympathetic strings. Satyaki represents the Sarod Gharana of Shahjahanpur. He had the privilege to learn from the legendary Sarod virtuoso Padmabhushan Pandit Buddhadev DasGupta and also took his initial lessons from Sri Panab Naha. Currently, he is continuing his musical pursuit under Ustad Irfan Muhammad Khan, the doyen of Lucknow Shahjahanpur Gharana and Pandit Sugato Nag. Academically, Satyaki holds a PhD degree in Pure Mathematics from Stony-Brook University.

Upcoming concerts:
Sept 16, 8pm - 8:30pm and the other on Sept 26, 6pm - 6:30pm.

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