The Rebirth Project

A Devised Performance

June 25, 7:00PM & June 26, 3:00PM
1701 Main Street, Peekskill, NY 10566

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way.... But to the eyes of the person of imagination, nature is imagination itself.”― William Blake

When the Studio Theater in Exile brought together 7 artists from various locations in the Metro Area to develop an homage to trees and Spring,  The Rebirth Project was created.

Studio Theater in Exile, now housed at Hudson Valley MOCA, focuses on original work with playwrights and artists across the genre spectrum to create new and inventive theater.

The participants who come from stage, dance, visual, and literary arts became the authors, performers, and designers of The Rebirth Project – each highly skilled individual putting ego aside to create a devised theater production.

Miranda Runyon, dancer, choreographer, Poet Gold, poet,  performer, Jeremy Gratt, composer Mara Mills, director, Bibianna Matheis, photographer, piano, Barbara Korman, sculptor, photographer, Susan Obrant, costumes.

“Humans and trees have an intimate connection. We climb their branches when we are young and sit in their shade when we are old. We make love underneath them and hide behind their trunks when we are fearful . We fall asleep to the lullaby of their leaves.

All art genres have been inspired by nature and, especially trees. At our best we recognize the kinship. If we listen, we’ll understand the language of trees as we did as children climbing into the boughs. The Rebirth Project brings that intimacy back.” Mara Mills.

Come celebrate the season and the trees at STUDIO THEATER IN EXILE which is now housed at Hudson Valley MOCA.

The Rebirth Project:

Maddie Runyon (NYC)

Poet Gold (Poughkeepsie)

Bibbiana Huang Matheis (Pawling)

Barbara Korman (Bronx)

Jeremy Gratt (Thornwood)

Mara Mills (Thornwood)

Susan Obrant (Peekskill)

Studio Theater In Exile
Our mission is to work with playwrights from inception to production to bring their voices to the fore. We also work with visual artists, storytellers, musicians, poets and writers to integrate theater/performance with other genres. Our goal is to create dialogue - with audiences, between creators, and bring forth the lesser known artists in our community.