A Call to All Poets and Writers

Writing Off the Walls

Creativity in the age of CoVID

Brought to you by Hudson Valley & Studio Theater in Exile

Submission Guidelines

Bodoni, Blue Uniform (Tito), 2010
Bodoni, Blue Uniform (Tito), 2010
Moris, El Dueno de todo, 2020
Moris, El Dueno de todo, 2020

May 1 Poets and writers are invited to submit works for one or two voices inspired by the art in How We Live: Part II at Hudson Valley MOCA. How We Live: Part II can be viewed along with background information on the artists
(click image for artist bio). A video walk through of the exhibition is also available.

  • June 30: Submission deadline. A committee of writers, artists, and poets, who will not be submitting, will choose works for inclusion. All pieces are read anonymously. Writers can submit up to 3 pieces. Submissions must be Calibri font, 11 point and fit on one page each. Submissions should be sent to bothmara.mills@studiotheaterinexile.com and joann.brody@hudsonvalleymoca.org.
  • July 12: Notifications of acceptance are sent.
  • July 24: Selected literary works are framed and placed on the walls near the art that served as inspiration. The poetry will also be posted as an on-line catalogue at hudsonvalleymoca.org and StudioTheatreinExile.com.
  • Audio/videos of selected artists reading will also be posted. Deadline TBA.
  • Writers must be Artist Members to be included.
  • TBA (CoVID dependent): Date for live readings and walk through the exhibition.

Hope you will join us for Writing Off the Walls: Creativity in the Age of CoVID.
Mara, Livia and Jo-Ann

Questions about the project please contact mara.mills@studiotheaterinexile.com

Studio Theater in Exile
Hudson Valley MOCA

Background Information

Bronson, White Flag #8, 2015; Gibson, Someone Great is Gone, 2013
Bronson, White Flag #8, 2015; Gibson, Someone Great is Gone, 2013
Bolf, Classroom, 2009
Bolf, Classroom, 2009

Writing the Walls started 15 years ago when Artistic Director Mara Mills, Studio Theater in Exile, Livia Straus, co-founder Hudson Valley MOCA, and Jo-Ann Brody, HVMOCA staff, decided to enhance the museum exhibitions by inviting poets and playwrights to contribute original works reflective of their interaction with the art.

Accepted poems are hung next to the artwork that inspired the written word, visitors to the museum having a chance to see the dialogue between art and word.

Usually there has been a culminating performance, a day at HVMOCA where, moving from artwork to artwork, the poets read their works in front of their particular chosen work of art as the audience walks from piece to piece, gaining new insight, energizing the space.

This past year the live performance did not happen. With the pandemic at its height, we took to the waves, posting the 2020 poetry catalogue on-line and offering audio/visuals of the poets reading their works relating to the 2020 exhibition How We Live. The ability to hear the poems in the poets’ own voices as often as one would like, the art works as their backdrops, has been a positive result of adapting to the requirements of CoVID.

With pandemic strictures still in place, we are launching Writing Off the Walls, an on-line Visual Art and Word event, offering writers a chance to interact with the art works in How We Live: Part II. While the initial exhibition featured sculpture and video, two-dimensional works have been added, works that speak to challenges we daily face. Writers are to focus on the works new to the exhibition, though dialogue can reference the original sculptures and videos as well.

Projects Supported by:

The Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York
Studio Theater in Exile

“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage