Writing Off the Walls 2022

Creativity in the age of CoVID

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Ode to Lost Night - Jonathan Shork

Based on Sven Kroner’s Painting, Light Pollution, 2006

In a world ere the dominion of tar and glass,

when the human animal humbly watched time pass

and the other kingdoms in benign concert reigned,

an hour and place for all things Gaia ordained.

But the ambitions of the wise ape overthrew

such accord as all other earthly creatures knew,

devising instead the tyranny of machines

that bent the world to suit the selfish philistines.

Now on this bewildered scape of nature spoiled

where from raging fire, wind, and flood we are recoil’d,

even the night wanes in the toxic mists of blight—

the waves and particles of ever-present light.

The temples of the sky star-hung do we betray

for the profane veneration of ruined day.

Spring Planting - Maryann McCarra-Fitzpatrick

Based on Sven Kroner's Painting, Light Pollution, 2006

In the valley the fields

lie fallow under the first

snow, the grain safely

stowed away against marauders, no

chance of famine here, coils of baling

wire at the ready, tarp-covered silage too,

cattle secured in their pens, the

flitches of bacon drying on

the rack, the puddings boiled

in the basin and he

takes these long nights to

mend his harness and

plan for spring planting, the

furrows riven in the earth to

coax forth new life, the

ribbons of green marking

the borders of his land

beneath these sheltering mountains,

the peace of the night yet

undisturbed by word of random acts

of violence blot-splotched across newsprint

in newspeak

Prayer for Darkness - Maureen Dillon

Based on Sven Kroner’s Painting, Light Pollution, 2006

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In the shadow of the mountains,

Near the farmhouses and fields,

The snow lights the cold night

With a reflective glow

From the distant cities

And the nearby lampposts.

So cloistered in light,

The heavens are lost.

I pray for darkness -

The velvety darkness of childhood

On a winter’s night

When I stepped into the January air

Absorbed by the inky blindness,

Until my eyes adjusted upward

To distant pinpoint stars.

Coaching myself to stay still,

Take time, ease into the nothing,

Feel the winds blow through

Until it came into focus

The Milky Way spiraling through cosmic clouds.

How small I needed to be

To see such grandeur.

Feel free to navigate through the tabs to hear the recordings/poems of Ode to Lost Night, Spring Planting, and Prayer for Darkness. All of these recordings/poems are based on Sven Kroner’s painting, Light Pollution, 2006

Light Pollution, 2006

Sven Kroner

German, born 1973

Light Pollution, 2006
Acrylic on canvas

63 x 118 inches

At first, Kroner’s work seems to be one of the Arcadian landscapes from the long tradition of the landscape: vast European landscapes, with sunrays penetrating the foliage and creating a play of light and dappled shadow underneath the trees, sweeping views.

Kroner instead offers only the most minimal implication of human presence. He only leaves subtle hints as part of a large commentary on our ongoing connections with the natural world but also our mistreatment of it. Kroner adjusts the presence of humanity and, in doing so, alters the impact of his landscapes altogether.

Kroner is currently based in Düsseldorf and splits his time between teaching and painting.

Sven Kroner exhibits in Germany, The Netherlands, United States and elsewhere. His first exhibition was at Kunstverein Wilhelmsh he Ettlingen e. V. in 1996. Important shows include Sven Kroner at Marc Straus in New York City, NY, at Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst in Aachen and Sies + Höke in Dusseldorf. Sven Kroner’s art is in 4 museum collections including Zabludowicz Collection, London and Gemeentemuseum Helmond - Boscotondohal in Helmond among others.

Studio Theater in Exile

“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage