November 22nd, 2020 through January 30th, 2021
A Collaboration between Studio Theater in Exile and Hudson Valley MOCA
Writing the Walls
Left: Karen Marmer reading her poem in 2018, Photo by Ocean Morrisset

A virtual event featuring poetry inspired by How We Live:  
Sculpture from the Marc and Livia Straus Family Collection

Writing the Walls started with XXX Large, opening in September 2007, as a collaboration between Mara Mills, Artistic Director Studio Theater in Exile, and Livia Straus. Co-founder and President of Hudson Valley MOCA. Since that exhibition, 15 years of poems and plays have been written inspired by the art at Hudson Valley MOCA. Every year, at The Poets’ Walk, poets read their work in front of the artwork as we take a curated walk through the exhibit  

Due to the critical nature of the ongoing pandemic, we were not able to mount a live Poets’ Walk this year. And the annual poetry collection was not put out in print as we usually do. Instead, we decided to put a online 2020’s Writing the Walls poems with an audio component that permits the poets' voices to be heard.  The poems inspired by How We Live, are as prophetic as the art work.

Writing off the Walls
Loraine Currelley reading her poem, Poets Walk 2016

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