Writing the Walls -

Blue Seersucker Suit / A Short One-Woman Play About a Transformation - Ellen O'Neill

I am wearing a blue seersucker fitted pants suit, green shoes, NO



I am supposed to visit my mom after teaching school today but I’m

not going.

I will meet HIM at White Pond. After twelve years of marriage and five

children I am having the FIRST fling of my life...with a much younger man.

Why not? What the FUCK!

F-u-c-k a word I never said once in my 35 years is one I now use frequently.

He helps me wearing my 6” heels into the canoe.

He paddles to the middle of the pond.

Me, him, the canoe and no one else.

He tells me:

He: Close your eyes, Listen.

ELLEN: I hear birds singing, the wind humming

He: Open your eyes and observe one tree, only one.


He: Is it moving?


He: Look again


He: Now look, all around...Further... Deeper

ELLEN: They’re all moving

He: Get undressed and slip into the water.

ELLEN: I blush, I blush head to toe. Oh God, it’s cold. My inverted

nipples pop out. The water sparkles; diamonds surround me, fish nibble

at my tummy. All that was dry is wet. There is music and for the first time,

I know what making love is.

But it was what it was... a human sexual experience but so much more...a

fun fling, a liaison, a short lived romance. IT WAS WONDERFUL.

Image: Bruce Nauman, Human Sexual Experience, 1985

Neon tubing mounted on aluminum monolith

17 x 23 x 9.5 inches