Writing the Walls -

Computer Keys - Michael Sirken

To wake to the miracle of a day; sunshine beaming through

The sliver between a shade and an oak sill.

But to be woke to Mother Nature’s assault!

We have it in us to lay down an example of who we are, were, and will always be:

These plastic computer keys positioned artistically in various ways

To resemble a shawl or cloth which shields us from the cold, which adorns us.

These useful keys are a record of our time where we bridged

The nexus of our thoughts, our calculations, our science and technology...

Through a new frontier, cyberspace; to be collected at the other end by these same keys.

Plastic! Floating upon our seas.

Why is so much good so bad? Man’s dilemma.

Amazement overcomes us on finding a small human tool

Buried with its maker’s bones for millennia.

Man’s path can be traced from Asia to the New World.

This art of computer keys: all we need do is preserve it...

Provided our oceans do not grow too high, our air too thin.

Perhaps one day we shall travel across the universe on a beam of light

Or take some shortcut unknown to us now.

And with us bring a record of our accomplishments so sentient beings

On the other side of G-d’s vast creation can benefit.

Or will those beings visit a healing Earth to piece together who we were,

Call it archeology, and where we failed?

Image: Moffat Takadiwa, The Chief Justice (3), 2018

Computer keys

98.5 x 39.4 x 7.9 inches