Writing the Walls -

Reflections on Retirement - Judith Heineman

You meant to retire years ago

The weft and warp of work

Pulled you tightly

Others left early

As they promised

55 on the dot

Decades later

You remain

Their support

Fulfilling unimaginable tasks

With brilliance

Never seeking the spotlight

Rare accomplishments

Reflected in others’ praise

Shyly accepted

It is time to recline


Put your feet up

Everyone asks

“What will you do?”

Be lazy

No need to report

Meetings adjourned

Boards dispersed


For the first time in your life

You can

Image: Michael Brown, Desperately Optimistic, 2006

Stainless steel and aluminum: Found objects: lounge chair,

2 lawn chairs, 20 Budweiser cans.

Dimensions variable