Writing the Walls -

The Apparatus Re:Imagined - Edward D Currelley

The apparatus does exist, though not in the manner we’re led to believe

It’s real, elusive, dastardly, it prevents full potential

It’s that thing, hard to describe, but, known when felt

The thumb on our head, foot on our coat tail

It’s that reflection of false heart staring back

The negative thought that encourages doubt

The constant questioning of one’s own existence

By grace we forge ahead, led only by un-daunted perseverance

The road to righteousness hasn’t been easy, however, been long traveled

Hidden are the imagined giants, but, fooled we are not

Visible is the door, portal, behind which the machine exists, hidden in plain sight

An apparatus and those who manipulate the mechanisms

A mirror of unabashed conspiracies

A glass from which we see our reflection

Looking out on an envisioned world of unimaginable promise

Image: Richard Artschwager, Large Round Mirror, 1988

Formica, enamel on wood

60 inches diameter