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The contributions for Climbing the Walls are very exciting and we will start rolling out the creations beginning June 13, 2020.

New Works

New Works: Holocaust Syndrome
May 3, 2020

Both a child survivor and child of survivors, Aliza Erber's play explores the interweaving of history, identity, and nurture.

New Works: Dark Side of the Moon
May 3, 2020

Overheard pieces of family stories inspired Charisse Brown's play, which explores the effects of generational trauma, colorism, and the keeping of secrets within the black family.

New Works: "Stages of Love"
May 4, 2020

Studio Theater in Exile is proud to be collaborating with Envision Artist Company on "Stages of Love”.


Studio Theater in Exile

“Theatre takes place all the time wherever one is, and art simply facilitates persuading us this is the case”

- John Cage