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X|X Theater Company LLC

X|X Theater Company LLC

During Women's History Month, consider renting a captivating documentary feature titled "Black Men Meet: Let’s Talk About Love," crafted by the talented woman of color, Ashley Antonia Lopez. The feature has 8 Black Men talking about love. It shows that Black Men have love languages and they are trying their best every single day. The feature will open the conversation of how Black Men Love.

Tyler Damon Rice is in the middle of a conversation among other incredible Black Men.
Directed By: Ashley Antonia Lopez

Featuring: Evan Bishop, Darnell Wickham, Marc Aupont, Danice Crump, Tyler Damon Rice, Marquees Hargett, David Rhoden, and Duval Clemmons

Director of Photography and Edited By: Alejandro Rosario

2nd AC/Second Operator by: Aaron Franco Photography by: Hunter Hyde

Music by: Arulo

Produced by X|X Theater Company LLC
About X|X Theater Company LLC

X|X Theater Company LLC is a multimedia theater company that empowers artists of color to create an immersive experience for the City of New York while upholding the value of creativity and honesty.

Website: www.ashleyantonialopez.org

Email: info@xxtheatercompany.com