Our Partnerships

X|X Theater Company LLC

X|X Theater Company LLC

My name is Ashley Antonia Lopez and I have my own theater company called X|X Theater Company LLC. X|X Theater Company LLC is a multimedia theater company that empowers artists of color to create an immersive experience for the City of New York while upholding the value of creativity and honesty.

I created a documentary feature called "Black Men Meet: Let’s Talk About Love." The feature has 8 Black Men talking about love. It shows that Black Men have love languages and they are trying their best every single day. The feature will open the conversation of how Black Men Love.

Website: www.ashleyantonialopez.org

Email: info@xxtheatercompany.com

Watch X|X Theater Company LLC's Previous Event

On October 08, 2022, X|X Theater Company LLC held its third "A Bronx Show & Tell." 3 beatboxers and 3 freestyle rappers came together for a night to create Hip-Hop music live.