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The Energy Stoners ™ Café podcast is hosted by Toni Quest. TQ, as she is often called, is intent on entertaining and educating her audience. She interviews the unique people she discovers within the global community. Many of her guests are individuals she’s found through her friendly and curious every day banter. Many are interesting people she’s followed and connected with on the internet. Most certainly, her guests offer rich, inspiring knowledge, and intriguing stories about their endeavors. Directed by James H. Brooks, it is clear that Toni Quest is excited about what her guests have to share with her audience around the world! So grab your favorite beverage, and relax with TQ at the Energy Stoners ™ Cafe.

Mara Mills is Artistic Director, Stage Direction and Dramaturgy of Studio Theater in Exile. Toni Quest and Jim Brooks invited Mara Mills to talk about her experience as a theater director. Play the video to hear the conversation between Toni Quest and Mara Mills.

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Toni Quest

Toni Quest, is a self-taught artist, Toni Quest engages in art to express her feelings genuinely and with impact. The canvas has been a vehicle for her to discover feelings that linger deep within. Toni Quest was named one of Westchester County’s ‘Leading New Artists’ in 2006. Her art was featured in the Westchester Arts Council’s Young Emerging Artists exhibition. Toni Quest is one of the artists selected to participate in the ‘James Brown, Visual Soul’ exhibition in Augusta, GA. Her vibrant portraits of the legendary James Brown were exhibited in the May 2006 exhibition and celebration. Her award winning piece, ‘U.S. in Us’ is featured on the cover of the anthology, View from the Middle of the Road, Volume II, U.S. in Us ‘ (PRA Publishing). A selection of her poetry is featured in the anthology as well.

Website: https://www.blackartsmatter.net

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/toniquest/

James Brooks

James Brooks, is a photographer, cinematographer, filmmaker and editor. He is also a drone pilot which adds another dimension to much of his work. Brooks is also a professional commercial architect and architectural interior designer. His interest in photography began in high school, in the days of film canisters and darkroom experimentation, capturing mostly sports, vacations and family events imagery using black and white and color slide film.

James Brooks is the founder of JHBrooks Photography LLC. He is the longtime director, producer and editor of the community focused ‘Talk with TQ’ TV show, and the globally-followed audio podcast, ‘Energy Stoners™ Cafe’.

Website: jhbrooks-photography.smugmug.com

Instagram: @jhbrooks.photography